The first ever collection of Grimm’s fairy tales, entitled “Children’s and Household Tales”,  was published in December of 1812, and two hundred years later it is still thrilling  children and adults alike. To celebrate two hundred years of enchantment and magic; seven young up and coming illustrators will be interpreting these wonderfully dark and mysterious stories into a very special Christmas exhibition at Foyles. With inspiration taken from both the classics, such as Hansel and Gretel, and the less well known tales like The Golden Bird ; this exhibition is about interpreting and re-discovering a cultural legacy that has been with us for 200 years.

The contributing artists include Emma Block, Lesley Barnes, Laura BarrettNatsuki Otani, Yelena Bryksenkova Emmeline Pidgen and Karolin Schnoor.

Prepare to be spellbound as you enter The Enchanted Forest.

The Enchanted Forest is grateful to IdeasTap for providing funding through its Ideas Fund.


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  1. Hi I have just featured your exhibition on my blog, I hope I can pop down and visit as we have launched a wallpaper collection named ‘Spellbound’ very enchanting and magical, best of luck with the exhibition x

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